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Business Grade Internet Access

Ethernet Express

Otherwise known as EoFTTC (Ethernet over Fibre To The Cabinet).

The service works by extending the fibre from the street cabinet into your building.

EoFTTC uses an vDSL2 (FTTC – Fibre Broadband). The service delivers Ethernet grade broadband with customer dedicated, uncontended (not shared) bandwidth.

This essentially means that normal business grade broadband, but is also shared with nearby residential users can upgrade their connection without with substantially reduced costs and the need to go to a full-blown leased line and the associated costs of c.£300/month + (Geographic dependent).

Why Would I upgrade from Fibre Broadband to Ethernet Express (Ethernet over Fibre to the cabinet)?

EoFTTC offers more than standard Fibre Broadband (FTTC). It delivers greater stability;

Business benefits of upgrading to Ethernet Express (EoFTTC):

– EoFTTC provides completely dedicated internet connectivity. Your business would not share its bandwidth with nearby businesses and residential users. There will not be any drop in internet connectivity at peak internet usage.– Very consistent, reliable bandwidth. EoFTTC the uncontended bandwidth.

– EoFTTC provides symmetrical bandwidth with the same download and upload speeds. (subject to location).

Why is Ethernet Express (eoFTTC) important for my business?

The increase in upload speeds can make a significant difference to running many business applications. FTTC upload speeds are often 10Mbps maximum whereas you can potentially double this with EoFTTC to 20mbps or possibly more. High upload speeds will enable:

1. Faster uploading of important and critical data files;
2. Easier adoption of ‘Cloud’ applications and services;
3. VoIP Telephony can be overlaid on top of it, thereby saving money.
4. Adoption of other SIP based services such as Video-Conferencing / online collaboration sofwtare services.

Voice over the Internet services do require dent upload speeds to be able to deliver QoS (Quality of Service). Good connections minimise delay and packet loss. It also maximises the quality of the audio and video. Cloud services such as Microsoft SharePoint are made better due to the increased upload speeds,

– Your business would benefit from the 80Mbps download speeds that are associated with FTTC.

EoFTTC piggy backs from the same physical infrastructure as FTTC, so the same type of speeds are achievable. (subject to location).

– Service Level Agreement: Unlike FTTC, EoFTTC comes with an 8 hour SLA (service level agreement) if there was a major service outage (MSO).

An SLA is an agreement between a internet service provider (ISP) and you the customer. It facilitates a performance agreement. If there is a fault the service will be resumed within 8 working hours. This differs from normal FTTC faults where there is no guarantee of a fix on the service. Should the internet service provider fail in their duty to fix the fault within the allocated time frame then service credits will become payable to you the client. This is paid out in the way of compensation and credited on the next invoice. This will form part of your businesses continuity planning. This is more important to larger organisations.

Upon site survey, we will be able to determine whether Ethernet Express is available to you. The benefits can be delivered at a much lower cost versus ethernet first mile or leased-lines.

I currently operate with FTTC (or Fibre Broadband). Is it possible that can I upgrade quickly to EoFTTC?

Upgrading to Ethernet Express (EoFTTC) is fast and effective from a cost perspective. The Openreach infrastructure is already in situ. It has a quick lead-time of approximately 15 working days.

But I do not have FTTC presently, so what would be the lead-time?

Firstly, we would perform an FTTC check to see if Fibre Broadband is presently available to you. The Fibre infrastructure is not ubiquitous but is being rolled out fast by Openreach.

Ethernet Express is only available on postcodes where there is already vDSL (Fibre Broadband)

Is there a significant price differential between Fibre Broadband and Ethernet Express (EoFTTC)?

Ethernet Express (EoFTTC) is a slight increase in investment as it is not shared bandwidth. Fibre Broadband (FTTC) arrive at a month investment of £34.95 /month (Unlimited Gb) but with the Business Grade Ethernet Express start £125 /month (location dependent and subject to site survey).

The investment in Ethernet EXpress is approximately a 60% cost reduction when compared to full blown leased line services.

What are the next steps?

Contact your account manager or email or call 0844 844 4555.

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