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Gx77 series DECT handsets.

Gx77 series is made up of of three models which replace the G266, G566d and G566s handsets.

Gx66 series have been around for 5 years so this new introduction is a welcome addition on 17/6/2019.

Features and Benefits of NEC G277 IP DECT Handset

NEC G277 IP DECT Handset

Gx77 is made up of three handsets. In addition, there are 2 chargers (small/spare battery) with associated accessories.

NEC G277 IP DECT Handset

The G277 is a professional IP DECT handset. It offers mobile unified communications possibilities.

Principal features:

  • Ergonomic, lightweight and slim design.
  • Centralised directory. Presence indication
  • Hands-Free & Loudspeaker modes. Analogue headset along with vibrate mode.
  • 1.8 inch colour display as standard.

• Micro-SD card for plug & play install and or replacement.

The G277 replaces the G266

The new NEC G277 IP DECT Handset also exceeds the existing functionality by design, larger high-res displays, Bluetooth IEEE 802.15.4), large alarm key, robustness, IP65 housing, strong clips and more. The G577h is a new model in the range, adding value in Care, Cure and hospitality environments. The leading edge I766 exceeds the G577 functionality with a larger keyboard and display, man-down detection, pull-cord and dedicated lone-worker and PTT (push-to-talk) solutions.

The new NEC G277 IP DECT Handset is compatible with the current IP DECT release 6.6 (n) as well as 6.4 (n-1).  This is only available by using the maintenance releases 6.4.3/6.6.3. These maintenance releases take care that the models are added in the tools and that FW downloading is also possible to the new models. For TDM DECT use the latest version of the Firmware Upgrade tool, version and DCC firmware xxx.04.15.

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