NEC InReports

NEC InReports

This application is part of the NEC InApps portfolio.

Overview and Features

  • NEC developed Built-in application (InApp).
  • Application runs directly on the SV9100/SL2100 CPU.
  • No external Server or PC is required to access the data from within NEC InReports.
  • Accessed directly from the customers own Web Browser!
  • Unlimited concurrent users. Everyone can log in and look at different screens. Most MIS systems try to charge for extra users.
  • Access InReports from ANYWHERE on the network!
  • This can be a home worker. Local or Remote!
  • Can be used on any PC / Laptop / iOS & Android Tablet / Mobile device! This was using Google API to pull in the data.
  • InReports requires access to the Internet in order to work.
  • Windows PC Fat/Thin client. Browser based; IE11+, Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • Tablet/iPad; iOS/Android; Safari, Puffin, xScope, etc.
  • NEC InReports gives you REAL TIME information on:
    • Extension, Trunk, Inbound, Outbound, Internal, Barred and Unanswered calls.
    • These can be broken down into weekly, daily or hourly reports & even device type:
  • Call List details include:
    • Trunk number, Extension Number/Name, CLI Number/Name, DDI Number/Name, Call/Ring duration, Account codes, Time & date and Transfer information.
  • All of the data in NEC InReports can be exported to a .csv file to allow detailed data manipulation.

Storage and Back Up

  • Calls are stored for a maximum of 1 year and any calls over this age are automatically deleted. Warnings/pop-ups.
  • SL2100: 1 Year of Calls or approximately 16’000 call records.
  • SV9100: 1 Year of Calls or approximately 90,000 call records.
  • Back-up: Manual Download from Application Manager, backup to .CSV, retrieve historic data. NEC InReports can help with your organisations business continuity.

NEC InReports: Business Benefits

  • Monitor a entire companies’ communications.
  • NEC InReports can measure and manage your productivity & efficiency by department, individual, etc.
  • Monitor Call Barring/Unauthorized Calls! – Positive Deterrent.
  • Manage customer service levels e.g reducing call abandonment rates, matching staffing levels.
  • Motivate teams with real-time wallboard call statistics.
  • It is extremely cost-effective.
  • Built-in / embedded application.
  • Browser-based & available 24 / 7.
  • No extra PC / Server required – Save on hardware costs & IT maintenance.
  • Is feature-rich and easy to use.