NEC SV9100 Overview Page 2

NEC SV9100 Overview Page 2

What can we connect to the SV9100 phone system?

Digital extensions can be connected along with IP terminals. You can take your terminals from the SV8100 and move them over to the NEC UNIVERGE SV9100. There are an array of wireless terminals on the SV8100 whether IP debts or Wi-Fi. We can have analogue and digital trunks and IP trunks. You can mix-and-match to your hearts content providing that you don’t break the barrier of 400 hundred trunks in total.

If you have multiple sites you can link multiple SV9100s together by using Netlink, a proprietory signalling protocol. Moreover, if you have previous NEC products you can bring them into a networked scenario at the same time if you so wish.

SV9100 Voicemail – Inmail

It is more than just voicemail. Out the box you have 1 gigabytes of storage that will allow to 12 hours storage. If you want more storage available to you, you can upgrade to a 4 gigabytes card and that will give you 15 hours.

You will receive 32 routing mailboxes including 32 group voicemail. Every user on the system can have a voicemail. If you want voicemail to email, that is another licence as well.

It is more than just voicemail…..

NEC have the ability to deliver in queue messages, where they have messages that would given to callers before they are actually answered or during a call.

For example, thank you for calling Intelesis, our opening hours for the Christmas period are XX to XX, or if the receptionist is not answering, instead of delivering a standard ring tone, you can give them a message that says: “sorry for holding, we will get to you as soon as possible”.

Within those hundred messages you can upload a .wav file to give you an information or music-on-hold.

This may be all sorts of information. The information given back may differ dependent on the inbound Caller ID, time of day, etc. The Inmail can give you the opportunity to have up to 16 ports of auto-attendant that can be multilevelled.

ACD (automatic call distribution) can work in conjunction with Inmail quite nicely. If you are deploying an ACD licence on the system, the InMail will now give the callers their position in the queue.

Call Recording – adhoc

You also have the opportunity to have ad-hoc recording where you may be on a call and someone is giving you instructions and you may want to recall the conversation and play it back. You just press a button on your handset. When the call is completed that recording will be in your voice mailbox.

SV9100 also has conference bridge and also basic conferencing is possible now on most systems. You can point a DDI number to the NEC UNIVERGE SV9100. It will recognise that its a conference, it will request a PIN number so the callers dial the DDI and the pin number and can join the conference. It is very easy to bring other people within the business at their own leisure, in effect, as opposed to when you use a receptionist to phone every particular party to get everybody into the conference.

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